Developing Development Guidelines: Introduction

There are a ton of cheesy quotes about “failure” out there, about learning from failure, about taking failure in stride. But failure, no matter how flowery the sentiment surrounding it, straight up sucks. As mentioned in a previous post, failures led us to the development of Interference. It was important that this time we get things right though, that we spare us a future of having to hang up the towel and call it quits for good.

So, before the cacti, radios, and mysterious happenings of Interference could be summoned into existence, we needed some help. Specifically, some guidelines. Some…

Things to Keep in Mind

These are the four pillars upon which Interference was conceived and the foundation for all of the decisions we make for our game. In the next few weeks, we’ll be breaking down each of these guidelines, talking about where they came from as well as specific moments of development in which these guidelines informed our choices.

Stay tuned.

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