It’s (almost) time to interfere!

It feels pretty surreal to say it, but Interference: Dead Air is officially going to be released this year. On February 2nd, to be exact.

After nearly five years of development, and even more time learning our way through other projects and finding our footing to bring a project of this scope into the realm of possibility, we are really going to be releasing a game. We’ve kept the promise we made to you all (and to ourselves) way back in 2019 when we announced it to the world.

There are so many emotions swirling around a big milestone like this. Of course, we are excited by the idea of people playing and enjoying the game we’ve spent so much of our time and energy on. A little nervous about how the launch is gonna go and how we’re going to fill our time without this game to develop every day.

We’re grateful too – to everyone who has worked with us along the way in big ways and small. To V Publishing, our awesome publisher, who has been working hard to make this release day a possibility. And to everyone who has been following this project and waiting so patiently for the day when you can clock in for your first shift in the booth.

We know the wait for some of you has been long. We are a small team and this is our first ever game release. Predicting how long it would take to see this thing through was never going to be easy, and that’s to speak nothing of the global pandemic right in the middle of it all. We really honestly (if optimistically) did think that 2020 might be the release year at one point. Then 2021. Then definitely 2022.

But 2023 it is. February 2nd (in case you forgot to jot it down the first time). And we can’t be more thrilled for that day to come and for you all to dive in.

We hope to have made it all worthwhile, Corn Dogs. This one is for you.

But wait! Why wait until February to do something about it if you’re excited now? Head to Steam and wishlist Interference: Dead Air TODAY! Like, right now!

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